• Aureliano d'Agazio

    Aureliano d'Agazio

    Founding Internet businesses from 1998, now leading the heroes of the age of the experience at Man-super. Florence, Italy & Miami, USA. @auredagaz

  • Lean Panda

    Lean Panda

    A digital agency that specializes in agile development of fast, delightfull and solid web applications designed for the best customer experience ever

  • Matteo Papadopoulos

    Matteo Papadopoulos

    Founder @teamcantiere, go mad for my daughter, rails, agile, philosophy, drums and piano http://t.co/gA48khms

  • Jesus Domenech

    Jesus Domenech

  • Dio


    Ente metafisico a partita iva, fondatore e CEO dell'Universo. Life & death coach. Entra sempre nel bagno delle donne, perché c'è scritto Signore.

  • A Grumpy Computer Scientist

    A Grumpy Computer Scientist

    UK-based AI professor interested in AI, mind, science, rationality, digital culture and innovation. Hobbies: incessantly fighting nonsense.

  • Brian Westland

    Brian Westland

    I’m new to Medium. I’m a pop music blogger and writer on music, film and hockey. I’ve won awards… tshirts…for eating chicken wings and poutine.

  • Aaron Craig

    Aaron Craig

    Engineer at Rival, building enterprise and consumer experiences with React, React Native and AWS.

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